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> PRODUCTS > NETWORK > [ TCT-008 ] EZ Checker For F / RJ12 / RJ45

[ TCT-008 ] EZ Checker For F / RJ12 / RJ45

• Mini size, Easy for carry, Automatic “on”
and easy to operation.
• Ideal for LAN installation.
• Multifunction for F, RJ11, RJ45 & BNC, USB
(Used Adapter)
• Port Type:F/RJ11/RJ45
• Included:F/BNC Adapter, RJ45/USB. 9V
Batte.r yCarrying Case.


Port Type : F/J11/RJ45

Accessory : 9V battery , F/BNC Adapter , RJ45/USB Adapter

Instructions for Operation:

1) Install a 9V battery into the master unit which power
will be supply automatically.

2) Connect one end of the cable to the master unit,
and the other end to the remote unit.