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> PRODUCTS > NETWORK > [ TCT-200 ] RJ45/BNC SOHO Cable Tester

[ TCT-200 ] RJ45/BNC SOHO Cable Tester

• Use to test UTP, STP and Coax Cables.
• It’s a multi-function cable tester for RJ45
LAN cable and BNC coaxial cable. Split
tester for various LAN and Coaxial cables.
• TONE mode is for cable tracing and
• Dual color ABS/TPR of soft and easy handle
on work.
Belt clips and patch cables provided.

Technical data: Display: LED, beep.

Operating voltage: 9 V battery x 1pc. Weight: approximately 112 g.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 70 x 36 x 104 mm.