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> PRODUCTS > NETWORK > [ TCT-320 ] HDMI Cable Tester

[ TCT-320 ] HDMI Cable Tester

• Test all signal pin of HDMI cables.
• LED indicator on both main unit and
remote unit.
• Automatic “ on” and easy to operation.
• Ideal for LCD TV HDMI connector.
• Port Type: HDMI (A)
• Included: 9V Battery. Carrying Case.

Port Type : HDMI (A)
Accessory : 9V battery
Instructions for Operation:
1) Install a 9 V battery into the master unit which power will be supply
2) Connect one end of the HDMI Cable to the master unit, and the other end to the
remote unit .
Test Result:
1)If all 9 LEDs are lit up, the cables are defined as pass.
2)If any LED do not light up, the inner pin of the corresponding signal is defined as