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[ TTK-300 ] LAN / Coax Master Kit

• The complete kit for crimping, punching
down,testing and mapping all kind of copper
• All the tools you need to prepare and install
CATV coax cables and data network cables.
• Use tone generator/probe to test RJ-11
and RJ-45 connections and map data and
telephone installations.
• LAN Pro data network cable tester provides
pass/fail results on twisted-pair and coax
cabling in seconds.

* Universal Stripping & Cutting Tool.
* Functions:
A. Flat Wire Stripper, Pull Out Type For:
. Stranded Phone Wire 2p, 4p, 6p, 8p, 10p…Etc.
. Intercom/Alarm Wire/2-Cond. Speaker Wire 18-22 AWG And Spt-1
Electric Wire.
B. Round-Cable Stripper W/Guides, By Rotating 1 To 3 Times At
Counter-Clockwise For:
. Round Cable: Tough Plastic Insulations 12-14-16 AWG Cable, Spt-2 Electric
. Assorted Solid Modular Wire, UTP, STP, DATA Communication Wire And
Network Cable.
. Multi-Conductor Cable: Insulation O.D. 3.2mm-9.5mm(1/8"-3/8").
. Automotive/Heavy-Duty Wire Max. 8 AWG.
C. Adjusting Bolt Control For Different Cable Sizes.
* Length: 4 3/8"(112MM)
* Weight: 45g
* Material: Body Made Of A.B.S.